Online Arts and Crafts Movement Directory

The Arts and Crafts movement is best understood by first reading information relating to the movement such as an Arts and Crafts directory. A good place to start is the Arts and Crafts Movement entry at Wikipedia. This covers the history, major artists working during this era, and how it impacted artists that came later.

The Arts and Crafts Society is also a helpful resource. This was the first group to turn up in the hopes of saving and preserving Arts and Crafts style houses. They offer drawings, illustrations, and images of Craftsman style homes, including the interior design of these houses. They also run a special section on the Sears kit houses sold in this style.

There‘s also the American Art Pottery Association, which holds an annual convention and recognizes the Arts and Crafts movement as it related to pottery. Another resource is the Society of Arts and Crafts. This gallery holds different displays on the Arts and Crafts movement throughout the year, including both pottery and wood pieces.

The Arts and Crafts Society of Central New York was created to help spread the word of the movement and preserve the artifacts relating to it. They host conferences every year and also run tours of notable places and buildings that relate to the movement in Central New York. The Colorado Arts and Crafts Society also runs a similar organization. This group is composed entirely of volunteers that do preservation work in the hopes of saving some important Arts and Crafts buildings in Colorado.

The Arts and Crafts Antique Gallery specializes in the work of Gustav Stickley, one of the founders of the movement. They sell furniture, books, lamps and other items relating to his work. The Arts and Crafts online store also sells items from this time period including home accessories, furniture, and silver jewelry. They also offer free appraisals for those who own something from this period, but aren’t sure of its worth. There’s also the Mission Style Furniture Gallery, which sells reproduction pieces done in the Arts and Crafts style. For information on the movement in England and retailers, the Christopher Vickers website is a valuable resource.

Those interested in the movement may also be interested in learning more about the artists associated creating work during this time period. Two of the best websites are The William Morris Society and The Stickley Museum. Gustav Stickley and William Morris were two of the most important men working during this era in design. A longer list of links and information on artists and artisans is available at Founders of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

For a broad overview of the movement, see The Arts and Crafts Movement, which lists pictures of some products created during this era. Photographs of these pieces are also shown at Arts and Crafts in Furniture Design.

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