Shipping & Handling Rates

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Amounts in US$. All orders ship from Los Angeles, California.

For orders less than our $100 minimum, a $10 surcharge will be added to the lowest listed rate for the chosen shipping method.

Order Size First Class Mail FedEx Priority Mail
$100-$249 $22 $35 $45
$250-$649 $35 $45
$650-$1,199 $42 $52
$1,200-$2,499 $49 $59
$2,500+ $56 $66
Up to 12 postal business days. Limited tracking 1-6 business days. Door-to-door tracking 2-7 postal business days. Limited tracking
Customer is responsible for import tariffs and other customs-related fees, including for refused shipments that are returned to us.

Rates above apply to:


United Kingdom