Frequently Asked Questions
Is Your Merchandise Made With Real Silver?
Yes, it is. All of our merchandise is made with genuine 925 sterling silver.

Where Are You Located?
We're in Los Angeles. About 15 minutes northeast of Downtown, to be exact.

Do You Ship Outside the United States?
Yes we do! We have customers in nearly 50 countries around the world. See our shipping rates.

Do I Need to Have an Account?
No, you don't. You'll get the wholesale price whether or not you register for an account. If you're in California and buying for resale, be sure to read about how we handle tax exempt sales.

When Will My Order Ship?
Orders placed by 2pm Pacific Time on a business day will be shipped the same day. On rare occasions, we'll hold an order for 1-2 days if we're waiting on new inventory. If you need your order to ship out right away, please call us. (877) 622-3522 toll free or +1 626 282 3522 from outside the United States.

Can I Drop By Your Location?
Unfortunately, no. Our facility is designed for fast order processing, and we're not staffed to receive customers on-site.

How Are Your Prices So Low?
We source our merchandise directly from manufacturers around the world, and we run a very efficient operation. This keeps our costs low, and we pass that savings on to our customers.

Do you have a print catalog?
We do not offer a print catalog. They're too expensive to print and maintain, and we'd have to pass that cost onto our customers. Maintaining our catalog on our website instead of in a print catalog also allows us introduce new styles frequently throughout the year.

How much should I mark up your products when selling at retail?
Our customers’ pricing policies vary widely based on their target market as well as the overhead and marketing costs associated with their individual businesses.

High-end jewelry retailers mark up our products as much as 5-10x the wholesale price. In these instances, the pieces are sold with very fancy presentation and packaging to enhance their perceived value.

Most of our customers use a 2-5x markup strategy. This works well for selling over the internet and at home-based jewelry parties, mall kiosks, and arts & crafts fairs.

The markup also depends on the weight and cost basis of each item. Heavy necklaces, for example, will require a smaller percentage markup to drive sales but will still generate decent profits because they are more expensive pieces to begin with.