Smithsonian Gem Collection

Since long ago, jewelry items have been some of the most valuable and attractive objects in the world. While some of them can be very expensive, there are also cheaper ones that are affordable to most people, such as silver jewelry. The most stunning jewelry items are those that are laid with precious gems , and some of the most valuable gemstones can be found at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

The highlights of the Smithsonian Gem Collection include:

The 98.6 Carat Bismark Sapphire

This gem originated from Sri Lanka, and it is one of the largest Bismark sapphires in the entire world. The stone is remarkably well-colored, and it is mounted on platinum necklace.

Smithsonian Canary Diamond

A canary diamond is a purely yellow gem that has a pure and bright shade. The color is caused by the presence of nitrogen. It is very beautiful but rarely found in nature. One of the largest, clearest, and most beautiful canary diamonds is the Smithsonian Canary Diamond. This precious diamond is mounted on a ring. Many wholesale silver rings are based on the design of this ring.

Hooker Emerald Brooch

This brooch contains a 75.47 carat emerald that has almost no inclusion. The emerald was discovered in Columbia during the 19th century, and it was bought by the Ottoman royal family. It became part of Sultan Abdul Hamid II’s belt buckle.

The Hope Diamond
This diamond is an outstanding deep-blue diamond with a weight of 45.52 carat. It was found in India, and its existence was first documented in 1812. According to many legends, the stone is cursed.

Spanish Inquisition Necklace
Katherine Hepburn wore this famous necklace for the 19th Academy Awards in 1947. It is believed that the necklace was set in India, and it was once owned by the Maharajah of Indore, Tukoji Rao III . The necklace is a beautiful combination of diamonds and emeralds.

The Anna Case MacKay Necklace
The MacKay Emerald is a n unbelievable 167.97 carat emerald that was found in Columbia, and it is the main stone of the Anna Case MacKay Necklace. C. H. MacKay gave the necklace to his wife as a wedding gift in 1931.

Marie Antoinette Earrings
This pair of earrings may be the most beautiful earrings in the world. They belonged to the former Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, who had a passion for jewelry. These earrings consist of two beautiful diamonds, with weights of 14.25 and 20.34 carat.

Napoleon I Diamond Necklace
The famous Napoleon I Diamond Necklace consists of more than 50 mine-cut diamonds. The diamonds have never been professionally graded because they were never removed from the necklace. It was a given to Marie-Louise by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1811.

Victoria-Transvaal Diamond
The Victoria-Transvaal Diamond is a 67.89 carat champagne-colored diamond stone. This gemstone was shown in several Hollywood productions, including a Tarzan episode in 1952.

7,000-Carat Quartz Egg
The incredible 7,000-Carat Quartz Egg is unbelievably clear and bright. It was discovered in Brazil in 1979.

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History has one of the most spectacular gem collections in the world. Other than the priceless items mentioned above, there are other equally valuable and historically significant gemstones on display at the museum.